Virtual Trunk Show

Why sign up?

To become part of a forward-thinking stylish community. One that celebrates style, fashion and self-expression. One that acknowledges that you shouldn’t need to be at a desk or in an office to have a meaningful career that is both financially rewarding and allows you to work within your lifestyle. We support our ambassadors and allow them to do as much or as little as suits them. In an era where retail is rapidly changing, why not be a part of the future?

What is a virtual trunkshow?

After enrolling as an ambassador, you will receive a link to create your own personalized virtual trunkshow. You have the ability to choose your own assortment and personalize other elements of your site, as we want this to be an authentic reflection of you. The structure is simple: the more you sell, the more you earn. We are also proud to offer experiential rewards for top sellers; among these rewards we offer an opportunity to collaborate with our design team on a collection and many exciting travel opportunities. In addition, the SENLIS community values giving back, and there are many opportunities to tie your earnings to a philanthropic cause if that’s of interest.

In conclusion…


SENLIS provides support and flexibility as you build your business.
We do not require our ambassadors to purchase SENLIS product before launching their business. In fact, we gift our ambassadors a piece of SENLIS to start and provide an ambassador discount for future purchases. We believe in our product and know you will too.