Wellness: New York’s Most-Booked Former Ballerina Trains Those In-The-Know

After studying ballet for the entirety of her life, a move to NYC exposed Chase Willman to the world of boutique fitness. Chase rapidly went from taking classes to teaching them. We met up with Chase in Central Park to learn her favorite workout moves that tone legs and get them ready to show off in our SENLIS Collection dresses. 

How did you get into fitness?

I studied ballet for the majority of my life starting very young around the age of 4. I didn’t play sports growing up or even step foot into a gym. Dance was my everything and I always loved expressing myself through movement. I went on to study dance in college and moved to New York City shortly after. The rage was boutique fitness and I started taking barre classes discovering a whole world of fitness and exercise, feeling very similar to my years of ballet training and performing. I love bringing my high energy, pump up playlists, and special attention to each client in the group setting creating a community around my favorite workout. After seeing results quickly from FlyBarre on my own body, I love to inspire and motivate hundreds of clients per week to pulse, sculpt and tone!

Where do you teach/when?

I teach barre classes in New York City at Flywheel Sports. I teach the majority of my classes on the Upper East Side! You can always check my Instagram @chase_willman to see my weekly teaching schedule!

Favorite class to take in NY when you’re not teaching?

I love taking sculpting & toning classes at AKT. The most recent one I did there was their “Bands” class! My other favorite workout has been Rumble Boxing where I truly get out of my comfort zone and get my cardio up and challenge myself physically and mentally!

Post-class snack?

Protein shake! Peanut butter + Banana + Chocolate protein is my go to!

Favorite splurge meal?

I’d say I splurge quite often! I don’t restrict myself from really anything but I just stay smart about what I eat and how much of it. Favorites are: chocolate chip cookies, burgers & fries, chick-fil-a and, ice cream

Best advice for someone who wants to up their fitness game

Consistency is key, baby! Getting there is always the hardest part. Show up, get it done and repeat. Nothing will come overnight, the continuous effort, practice, and process will draw the results.

Best move to keep legs long and lean for sundress season?

Where do I begin! In my FlyBarre class, we tone and sculpt our lower bodies with various different exercises. Two of my favorites include:

Side Lying Leg Pulses/Circles

  • Lay on your left side with your hips stacked on top of one another and your left forearm placed on the floor with elbow pointing backwards
  • Slightly bend your bottom leg and extend top leg in line with torso
  • Press right hand into the floor in front of the body to keep torso upright and pull your belly button to spine to engage the core
  • Extend right leg off the floor at hip height and pulse up for 16 counts extending the leg long directly side
  • Keeping right leg long with toes pointed create small circles up and back squeezing your right glute
  • Repeat 2-3 times then switch sides!

Side Lying Inner Thighs

  • Lay on your left side with your hips stacked on top of one another and rest your head into your left hand
  • Lay right knee down over the straight left leg with right hand pressing into the floor
  • Lengthen up from waist, pull belly button to spine to engage core
  • Lift bottom left leg off floor to a pulse and squeeze the left inner thigh at the top
  • Flex your left foot and extend through the back of the hamstrings
  • Pulse up 16 counts, Repeat 2-3 times then switch sides!
  • (For an additional burn: balance a 5lb weight on the left inner thigh & then pulse!)

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