Wellness: Fueling a Holistic Life with Sarah Wragge

Sarah Wragge, a holistic nutritionist and wellness expert, explains how she integrates daily wellness practices into her new family. Being a mom on-the-go is not easy, but with proper nutrition and healthy habits, you can free up energy to pour into other aspects of your life.

Below Sarah shares her morning routine, how being a working mom requires proper nutrition, and the advice she would give her younger self.

Sarah looks effortless in the Juliette

What are the most important daily practices of your wellness routine?

My Morning Routine is everything. I start off my day by drinking an entire liter of water and then I hit the gym. Whether its an on-demand class or a session with my trainer or just doing jumping jax + stretching - I always start my day off by moving my body. How I start my day sets the tone for the whole day. Other wellness practices that keep me going: throughout the day I try to get down another 2-3 liters of water + 2 TM (transcendental meditation) sessions in.

How does being a mom impact how you think about diet and nutrition?

It's so funny but being a mom of a 3 year old boy means that I have to fuel like an athlete! He is nonstop and so I find that I have had to adjust my workout regimen and nutrition around that.  Being a working mom means nonstop output- So I have to make sure I workout hard, but not so hard that I am depleted + I need to eat so I have stable blood sugar levels and plenty of good fat, proteins + veggies to give me sustained energy all day.

What advice would you give your younger self in regards to nutrition and wellness?

Put down the latte + ditch the white food! Dairy doesn't have any benefits and I wish I had gotten rid of it in my 20's. The breads, pastas and foods that are white in general are high in sugar and when insulin is present in the bloodstream your body can't burn fat! I could have spared myself the freshman 15.

What is a wellness practice you hope your family will always do?

We are big into singing and dancing and being silly. I think that is a wellness practice for sure.

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