Daily Meditation Tips & Techniques

Finding ways to escape and relax the constant news surrounding the pandemic is difficult. A practice we strive to do daily, but even more now, is meditation. Meditation in the morning and at night has quickly become one of the best parts of our days. Accompanied with plenty of self care regimens, meditation has changed the way I greet my day. With a calm and positive mindset, I can stay productive while WFH and do the things that bring me joy.

Meditation Routine:

Begin by creating a clean and orderly space that makes you feel relaxed.

Put on your essential oil diffuser, spray your favorite room mist, or light a candle with a relaxing scent. I always go for a lavender scent or my Saje Bloom Oil. The lavender scent promotes relaxation and makes you want to take deep breathes.

Next, after you set the stage for your meditation, reflect on your mood. Decide what type of meditation you would like to do. In the meditation apps, you can find guided lessons around your mood.

Choose your lesson. We have been loving the app Calm and Headspace. These apps provide meditations, relaxing ways to wind down before sleeping, and calming music to reduce anxiety. These apps allow you to track your progress, record your feelings, and favorite different lessons. Regardless of what you're coming to the app for, the wide variety of lessons provide a place of refuge for anyone and everyone. There are also plenty of Youtube video options that are a slightly different experience. I love this one by GOOP.

After your meditation, write in a journal how you feel. Recording your feelings helps release them from your mind and move forward with your day. I like recording mine in a specific journal that is dedicated only to meditation and self reflection. Writing these next to your work to-do list is too distracting and defeats the purpose.

Next, I like to finish off with a fresh face mask. I love this rose one by FRESH.

While my mask is setting in, I take my last moments to stretch lightly on my yoga mat. Carefully moving your body and activating the mind/muscle connection transforms the mindful meditation into a whole body experience.

Finish up with a full glass of water remembering how important it is to take care of your body properly.

& after meditating, i'm reading to tackle my day in a cute and comfortable look. 

The Edie Sweater and Valerie Mini Skirt is one of my favorite combos!

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