Katrina's Fresh Tabouli Recipe

Known as the queen of Lebanese salads, Tabouli is something a lot of us had tried before. However, nothing tastes quite like it made fresh- with herbs from a homegrown garden. To us, this salad highlights some of the best flavors of summer- freshly squeezed lemon, mint, and parsley. While the weather heats up, we will be enjoying this salad from home- in the fresh air, soaking up the sun.

Fresh Parsley

The Recipe:

Tabouli Ingredients


Wash parsley well, drain and shake out any excess moisture.

Soak crushed wheat in water in a large mixing bowl for 2 minutes. Drain well and set aside while preparing other ingredients.

Remove stems from parsley and discard. Chop parsley very fine (3 bunches should equal 5 cups). Add to wheat.

Chop onions fine and add to the mixture along with the remaining ingredients.

If not serving immediately, do not add tomatoes and onions until just before serving. Toss well.

Serve with romaine lettuce leaves. Tear leaves into bite size pieces and use to scoop up salad for eating.

Pairs well with shish kabobs and falafel.

Hope you enjoy it! Tag us if you try it @shopsenlis! xx Katrina 

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