Homemade Hair & Face Masks

We all want to feel a little spoiled sometimes. Even if you don't desperately need a hair or face mask (because let's be honest, we haven't been applying heat to our hair or wearing a lot of make up these days), it's still nice to feel the pleasure of doing something good for your appearance We decided to pull together some simple ingredients to make our own homemade masks- plus, one of the best ways to make sure they're are no chemicals in your products is to make them yourself!

Homemade Moisturizing Hair Mask:


2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)

1/2 tbsp honey

1 egg


First, whisk your egg in a bowl by itself. Once combined, mix in melted coconut oil and honey.

Dampen your hair with water (using a spray bottle is easiest).

Start applying the combined mixture onto your hair in sections. Start at the ends of the hair and bring the mixture up avoiding the roots.

Let sit for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water and your favorite shampoo. You may need to wash twice to get all the mixture out.

Homemade Rejuvenating Green Tea Face Mask:


2 tablespoons full fat greek yogurt

1 tsp matcha powder

1 tsp honey


Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a small bowl. Apply onto clean skin. Let sit for 30 minutes then rise off with warm water. Finish with your favorite serum


(Scare your quarantine buddy with your double mask)Hope you take time to pamper yourself! Let us know how you like them @shopsenlis!

xx Jaclyn

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