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I don’t think I’m alone in saying it’s been really hard to be motivated to workout the past week or so. Going outside is frowned upon, so that run I said I’d go on seems less appealing by the day, and the thought of working out in my small bedroom seems unnatural. Understanding the confusing and awkward circumstances we’re all in, a group of amazing fitness leaders have taken their time at home to create fun, engaging videos for us to follow along their workouts at home. Most videos don’t require any equipment – dumbbells can be subbed with soup cans, gliders can be subbed with plastic plates (or in my case, glossy paperback books)…

Below, I’ve outlined the pay-to-workout app options with initial free trials, as well as free options offered across Instagram and Youtube channels. A quick thank you to the incredible fitness leaders for keeping us moving during this time – you are keeping us all healthy, happy and, most importantly, sane!

At Home Workout Set-Up

Paid Apps

The Sculpt Society – Dance Cardio & Sculpting Workouts

Started by Megan Roup, an Equinox trainer, The Sculpt Society combines dance cardio and sculpting routines to give you a long, lean dancer body. She provides 4-week programs for different levels – workouts range from 15-minute quickies to 50-minute full body workouts. Megan has an energetic, yet non aggressive demeanor that will gently ease you into your workout, whether you’re stuck in the morning groggy phase or exhausted at the end of the work day. 14-day free trial and $19.99/month.


obé Fitness – Cardio/Strength/Flexibility Workouts

obé Fitness is the latest popular app of live streaming workout videos with 4,000+ on-demand classes. They have everything from HIIT, Pilates, Yoga Sculpt, Cardio Boxing to Prenatal class options. Their library is full of energetic and motivational trainers that make you feel like you aren’t working out from home. This is the go-to app if you like a variety of workouts and like to try new instructors. Extended one-month free trial and $27.00/month.


P.volve – Low Impact Strength & Lengthening Workouts

P.volve’s pre-hab approach to fitness elongates your shape and builds strength without bulk, to help you carve out the most perfect body that’s right for you. It’s low impact, yet effective – they don’t want you leaving your workout exhausted, “Ready to collapse on a couch with 6 hours of Netflix and your ringer turned off.” Think arm and leg extensions focusing on balance and lengthening of the muscles. These workouts are great if you have to workout in a small area because the low impact moves keep you in an area that’s arms/legs distance wide. P.volve is all about following its method - it gives the option of creating a customized workout plan based on your individual fitness goals. In addition to your suggested workouts, they offer recipes, tips and motivation along the way. They recommend buying their equipment packs (which are a pricey addition), but you can do any of their workouts with your own bodyweight. 14-day free trial and $19.99/month.


Melissa Wood Health – Yoga/Pilates Workouts

Praised by the influencer community, the Melissa Wood Health method is a series of slow controlled, low impact movements combining yoga and Pilates to sculpt long lean lines throughout your body. She has a library of over 60 flows and publishes a new one every Monday AM. She is also doing live Instagram videos. Check her out @melissawoodhealth. 7-day free trial and $9.99/month.


Tracy Anderson - Dance Cardio/Pilates Workouts

Considered one of the most elite fitness classes in the world, the Tracy Anderson Method is no joke. If you’ve ever taken a Tracy Anderson class in New York or Los Angeles, you’ve likely felt like the least fit person ever among a crowd of extremely fit middle-aged women. To this day, the class I took in her Los Angeles studio was the hardest class I’ve ever taken and I felt like I was sore for a month. For those of you who really like the sweat and the immediate results, this class is right for you. This class drives results, which is why it has a huge celebrity following and a high price tag. Join the following. Free 14-day trial and $90/month.


Alo Moves - Yoga Sculpt Workouts

Developed by the brand Alo Yoga, this app provides different workout playlists that you can follow along from the comfort of your home. They have a wide range of instructors so similar to other classes, you find the instructors you like and selectively take their classes. The app provides a wide variety from yoga, pilates, HITT, and even mindful breathing classes. The app is seamless to use and a great offer for only $19.99 a month. Free 14-day trial and $19.99 a month.


Free Instagram/Youtube Workouts

305 Fitness – Cardio Workouts

305 Fitness is an NYC-based studio with classes that focus on high-intensity rhythmic cardio aka dancing your heart out like no one’s watching. It is the most fun workout, especially if you prefer dancing over traditional exercise classes. Filmed to the latest beats and in their strobe-lit classroom, their classes exude positive, high energy, sure to boost your mood and get your blood pumping. Their video titles say it all – “Sexy Hip Hop Dance Workout - Feel Yourself for 15 Minutes!” and “Pop Dance Workout - Get Happy in 15 Minutes!” 305 Fitness has got us feeling a whoooole new way about exercising. Free At-Home Workout Videos.


Jabs By Gina – Kickboxing Inspired Workouts

A native New Yorker, Gina DiNapoli has gained national fame through the kickboxing inspired workout Jabs by Gina taught by Gina and four other instructors at Equinox and PROJECT by Equinox. The different variations include Cardio, Abs, Tone and Advanced – all of which are upbeat and uplifting formats to help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Follow Gina along on Instagram @jabsbygina for her daily live 15-minute workouts. Step aside tiredness or grogginess, Gina’s energetic music and lively attitude will immediately put you in the mood to exercise. Thanks, Gina, for your energy – it’s impressionable!


Barry’s Bootcamp – Strength & Cardio Interval Workouts

Forget the treadmills and heavy dumbbells, Barry’s Bootcamp has brought no-equipment workouts to your home on their Instagram TV channel. Tune in twice a day for a 20-minute video of interval training. Also on Mondays, Barry’s will be releasing their band workouts. Buy their Band Together Fit Kit, which includes a booty band, mini band, and an arm band, to participate in the weekly workout. Follow @barrys for more.


8 Minute Abs – Abs Workout

This 90s workout video has stood the test of time, rivaling against the latest workout fads and videos shared across the Internet over the past three decades. Filmed outdoors with three attractive young men and women in spandex exercising to a kitchy, dated tune, the video itself is archaic, but the exercises are not. It’s a set of nine different exercises – all of which you’ve probably done before – in 45-second intervals. It’s a simple, yet effective circuit that you can do everyday to keep you feeling active and tight. You’ll be surprised when you’re sore the next day! Watch the Video.

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