At Home Frappe Recipe

I'm sure we've all felt the pain of not being able to frequent our favorite coffee shops during this time. But just because we're stuck at home doesn't mean we need to settle for the keurig. This at-home frappe is a fun way to make your WFH situation feel like a staycation. Dress it up your favorite cup and plate set and enjoy while reading your favorite book.


2 tbsp Instant Coffee (any kind)

2 tbsp Sugar of Choice (I used coconut sugar for a healthier option)

2 tbsp Hot Water

6-8 oz milk of choice (My favorite is Oat Milk)


Add in the measurements of Instant Coffee, Sugar, and Hot Water to your blender. Blend on high for a few minutes. Stop when the color lightens to a medium brown and it looks thicker. It should look like this:

Add your favorite milk to your mug of choice (you can use hot or cold depending on preference). 

Pour or scoop in your frothy coffee mixture to the top of the milk. 

Stir in and enjoy!

Tag us if you make it @shopsenlis !

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