Knitting, Crocheting, and Embroidering at Home

While at home, we've been finding ways to get creative with various crafts. One of our forever inspirations is vintage sweaters with beautiful embroidery details. While we feel nostalgic of the past, I decided to spend time recreating some of my favorite childhood memories.

Some of my favorite memories involve my grandma knitting me some of my favorite pieces of clothing- little ponchos, knit socks, and special throw blankets I would use every night. And although I don't have as much skill as her- I set out to create a poncho for myself. I ended up watching a few youtube videos and learned fairly quickly how to knit.

This is one of the Youtube videos I found to be the most helpful. I found the physical act of knitting to be very therapeutic- it gives you space and time to do nothing but be in your thoughts. I think thats a good thing to do during this time.. sit back, reflect, and make small things that bring you joy.

This is how my poncho turned out! I think a poncho is a good beginner thing to make if you are interested in making clothing!

The zig-hem was a fun challenge and surprisingly not that hard!

My grandmother made this little girl's dress and it's one of my inspirations for my next crotchet project. From my experience, I find crocheting slightly easier than knitting and I'm excited to learn how to make these knit flowers. This is a great resource for beginners!

Lastly, doing a needlepoint canvas at home is another great activity to do at home. Because needlepointing is time-consuming and meticulous, it is something that you will cherish and can serve as a memoir of this weird time in isolation. When we go back to normal life, I think it'll feel like this time was better spent learning a new hobby, rather than wasting away our time staring at a screen. Here is a good resource for finding needlepoint kits and other lessons!

Staying comfy and cozy at home in the Miranda Skirt and the Edie Sweater.

I hope this encourages you to take up a new hobby and enjoy the art of slowing down. xx Jaclyn

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