Black Lives Matter: Ways to Support

Our hearts were shattered as George Floyd's, Breonna Taylor's and Ahmaud Arbery's lives were lost, and as we remember those whose lives were taken before them, as a result of systematic racism. We are angry and sad, but most of all motivated to incite change. We wrote this article because we believe in the power of speaking out against racism and helping educate others on how we can best listen to, learn from, and support the black community.

Below, we offer our ideas on what to read, listen to, watch and do. We provide links to other lists, as well, for further education. We will continue to add to this post as we discover new resources, so please check back for more information.



Educational resources and books, predominantly by BIPOC writers. 
Shades Collective, Founded by Akea Brionne Brown, is an artist's collective and social justice resource. Their monthly booklists are here.

Senior Writer @ Rolling Stone, Jamil Smith, published this article with the New Republic in 2015. It provides historical and contemporary insight into the spectacle of black death in America 

The Case for Reparations, Ta-Nehesi Coates 

Beloved by Toni Morrison 

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo 

How We Fight White Supremacy by Akiba Solomon and Kenrya Rankin 
    Additional anti-racism resources can be found here 


    When They See Us


    Whose Streets

    I Am Not Your Negro

    Stranger Fruit

    Paris is Burning


      WHAT TO DO

      Donate Your Money
      George Floyd Memorial Fund

      Justice for Breonna Taylor:

      Color of Change:

      Black Lives Matter:

      National Bail Out Fund:

      Equal Justice Initiative:
      Do Your Research

      Find small local organizations doing work in your community. Support them with your time and your money. 

      Before you share videos, photos, articles research where they came from, and who is behind them. Use your platform to help amplify marginalized voices. 
      Use Your Voice

      Speak out when you see injustice, no matter how small

      Have the difficult, uncomfortable conversations with family and friends. These are dinner table issues. 

      VOTE. Vote in every election, every time. County, State, and National level change is needed everywhere. 


        Thank you for reading our journal. Now is not the time to be silent. Stand with us in speaking out against racism.  
        With love,
        The SENLIS Team

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