Flower Dispatch from Los Angeles

The weather in Los Angeles has felt a little too on the nose in these uncertain times. In lieu of her predictably clear sunny skies, we’ve gotten buckets of rain in the last week, gusty winds, weirdly chilly nights that yield snow-capped mountains on the periphery of the city come morning. Not complaints though, because all of this wet weather has made the plants on my balcony and along my daily strolls vividly lush (or maybe that’s just the quarantine talking?). 

Since our SENLIS boutique is temporarily closed and the weekly floral arrangements suspended, I thought I would dispatch, live from my neighborhood, the lovely blooms that are brightening these gloomy days.  

Starting in the house... In a previous life I coordinated the maintenance team at a plant nursery and as a result nearly every corner of my apartment has something green. In addition, I typically keep a vase of seasonal florals in my favorite vintage bamboo vase. This week it’s all about resiliency, since flower markets are shut down. I have white ranunculus, baby’s breath, nandina, and curly willow branches.  


Quick tip... For those of you in colder climates you can force spring blooms by cutting Forsythia branches and bringing them inside. The warmer conditions and some fresh water will give you bright yellow flowers in no time. 

I’ve suspended my usual envy for the neighbor across the way with the giant backyard in place of gratitude. All of the rain has yielded giant wisteria blooms, cherry blossoms, citrus blossoms, and roses which I can gaze at while I work. If I crack the window by my desk I can smell them just after the rain….  

Okay clearly it’s time for me to go outside, can’t be sniffing the air coming through the window forever. Spring in LA means lots of Jasmine, and lucky for me I have a little bush on the balcony to brighten my days. The smell is out of this world. Stay tuned for a steam recipe featuring some Jasmine later in the week :)  

And now for some of my favorite blooms along my stroll. I take the same route every day - a quick 20 minutes just to clear my head and get some air before going back to work…

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