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With limited access to our favorite flower shops and in effort to stay home, the vases around our homes may be in need of some love. Luckily, spring is still blooming around us despite all of the craziness surrounding the pandemic. I know for me, I always feel better when I'm surrounded by a natural element- weather it be a small house plant, a vivid bouquet, or even some dried flowers. I love to sprinkle my home with these natural beauties because they truly add so much to any space. Today, I decided to try to gather whatever is fresh and naturally blooming outside and make small floral arrangements to put around my home! I hope this idea inspires you to get outside, get creative, and to always stop and smell the flowers!

Being located in the Northeast, flowers are slower to bloom here. April and May are typically full of rain and pollen- making everything appear super green. I decided to theme my arrangement around this greenery. Many people typically shy away from extensive use of leaves in arrangements but I find them to be a great filler when there's not much available. In combination with 3 types of greens that I used- some with smaller more compact leaves, some with little yellow leaves, I added a beautiful hot pink flower I found on a bush near my driveway. The hot pink accents add the perfect amount of color and will definitely serve well bundled with greens. Here's how I did it:

Jaclyn's Flower Arranging with Northeastern Blooms:

First, head outside with a basket and a sharp pair of scissors or plant trimmers! I lined my basket with a towel to absorb some of the moisture from the branches.

Next, start finding the prettiest blooms- don't forget- you only need a few flowers and then fillers. Fillers are a key component to making the most out of what you have!

Cut a few and add them to your basket! When looking for fillers, I think about color. I added a few bright greens then found a small yellow bush that I thought would serve as a bright, happy accent. Keep adding blooms that you see fit and stop when you think you have enough for one good arrangement. For one large vase, I was happy with the below amount:

Next, come inside and dry everything off slightly with paper towels. Then, lay out your pieces according to category. This helps in the arranging process to see what you have and where to fill in the vase.

Keep your scissors nearby in case you need to trim while putting into the vase! I started to add some greenery as a base first. Next, I added my 'hero' which are the pink flowers, dispersing them amongst the greens. Then, I went back in with more accent greens and the small yellow branches. Make sure you space things out equally and that everything is visible across all angles.

Keep in mind- this isn't going to be perfect and that is the point! Leave the perfect bouquets for a proper event- spread joy throughout your home easily with local blooms that will last longer and brighten your space in the same way!

Here's my final product! The best part is that everyone's will be different because of the beauty of Mother Nature. Different things bloom in different places and these little pleasures deserve to be enjoyed. I hope this inspires you to make the most of what you have, get creative in your home, and enjoy the little things that make you smile!

Julia's Blooms in Malibu

Julia went on a hike to gather local blooms in Malibu. Due to the dryness of the environment, she has more wispy blooms- such as mustard flower and wild sage. She took these back to her apartment to make a little pick-me-up while she works from home.

Julia in Henri Dress

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Julia in Henri Dress

We hope this inspires you to use your local blooms wherever you are!

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Hope you enjoyed! Tag us if you make one @shopsenlis!

xx Jaclyn

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