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Fleurs of the Week: Genista and Curly Willow Branches

SPRING IS IN BLOOM. With the launch of our newest spring collection, our Robertson boutique has been refreshed with seasonal flowers. Stop by this week and smell the Genista, Dried Fennel, and Curly Willow Branches!

Weekly flowers at Shop Senlis

Genista (small white flowers) are also known as broom because when dried it's long fine branches were perfect for broom-making. Genista thrives in sandy, dry mediterranean climates and symbolizes the bounty and abundance that Spring brings despite the burdens of winter.
Curly Willow Branches are a  symbol of adaptability and survival, these branches always bend but rarely break. 

weekly flowers at shop senlis

weekly flowers at shop senlis

weekly flowers at shop senlis

Come stop by and smell the flowers!

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