Fête: @twigandtwine 's Heather Williams' Favorite Fleur

A childhood spent wandering her family garden and the rugged, untamed landscapes of Northern California; an eye for the unexpected and the beautiful both: These are just a few of the reasons we love Heather Williams, Creative Director of Twig & Twine. Every arrangement she designs is equal parts ode to the natural world and fine artistry. Flowers are the canvas and the tool, the mode and the medium. Here she chooses her favorite of the moment. 

"Choosing a favorite flower is a daunting task for a florist but one of my spring time favorites is the tree peony. They are such lovely specimens that come in an array of beautiful colors from lemon yellow to the deepest red to warm peach. They tend to have less petals than traditional peonies with a dark and complex center that unfolds as the bloom matures. They are only in season for a short period of time which makes them even more special. Peonies are always a win when giving flowers – they are suitable for lovers, friends, family and celebrations of all kinds. Word of advice for next Mother’s Day, skip the roses and give tree peonies! "

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