Fête: Torryne of @birchsf 's Favorite Fleur

Torryne Choate is the heart and soul of San Francisco’s Birch. Her uncompromising sense of beauty can transform the seemingly simplest elements of nature into something utterly sublime. There is drama and artistry in every arrangement, next level juxtapositions. She is a true sorcerer, spellbinding us with her magical vision. 

“In my 27 years as a florist, I still have the same answer when asked- “ what is your favorite flower?” Lily of the valley without a doubt.

Growing up my family lived in a historic house on the East Coast with an extensive driveway that was bordered with densely planted lily of the valley, peonies and lilacs. Every spring as the lily of the valley pushed its way through the warm soil, I would make certain to check for the first white bells to emerge, and then I would cut them and put them by my bedside.  The fragrance was subtle yet intoxicating to me.  This is how my love affair with this deadly flower began.

As a florist in California, it is always a special treat to see lily of the valley when it appears at the flower market because it does not grow well here, and is a rare and expensive flower.  I always stop to take a big whiff of it’s sweet sweet scent.

Working with brides, I have had the good fortune to create several stunning bridal bouquets with this special flower. To me, lily of the valley represents everything that is classic and timeless.

If I ever get married again, I will make sure to have my own lily of the valley bouquet.”

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