Fête: @nataliebdesigns on her Favorite Fleur

Roots run deep for Natalie Bowen, a third generation floral designer with a professional lineage dating back to her grandmother, who ran the flower shop at San Francisco’s storied Fairmont Hotel in the 1940s. But for all that blooms are her birthright, Natalie’s sensibility is entirely sui generis — each bouquet and arrangement feels like a masterpiece in microcosm. Never precious, ever lush, bedazzling and elegant all at once, we trust her eye — and nose — for beauty completely!

Natalie’s Notes:

  • I hand-pick the Daphne because it just feels so special and the intoxicating scent is unique only to this flower.
  • It blooms only once a year for a two week period sometimes overlapping with Valentine’s Day and it is not grown at any other time of the year.
  • I wait all early spring to see the first buds show themselves and the wait adds to the delight of this flower.
  • I have several planted at my home and my studio and when they hit the flower market I buy multiple bunches and fill my home.
  • The scent is floral yet fruity and hard to replicate. We almost named my daughter Daphne in honor of these incredible blooms, but in the end, chose the middle name “Viola”. A flower with a much less impressive scent!”

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