Fête: Cut Paper Flower Extraordinaire @tabletakes

Who are you and what do you do?
I am a maker of wildflowers in cut paper and watercolours. Free-growing plants and simple crafts have always been passions of mine. In university almost 20 years ago I studied the history and theory of embroidery. I grew up in a valley between mountains in Norway, now I live in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. We don’t live in a 16th century canal house though, but in a brutalist housing complex from 1969 where each building has a few artist apartments, so my filmmaking husband has a big studio behind the kitchen. A modernist way to facilitate creative lives.
What is inspiring you right now?
The weeds of this environment shaped by humans over centuries. There are experiments going on in my neighbourhood to establish urban wildflower-meadows, but it’s not easy as the soil is just too rich. But I love seeing that there are so many of us rooting for more wilderness. I also look forward to see what I will find while tenting in the Nordic mountains this summer. 
Where and when do you create best?
I like it when people need a specific flower, but I also enjoy searching for a random flower after biking with my kid to school in the morning. From my home it’s a 20-minute bike ride to the tourist-filled city center with all the famous museums, and 10 minutes in the opposite direction to the the highway that circles the city. On the other side of the highway there is nothing but fields, farms and villages. I take pictures, and if there are enough of them, I pick one single stalk to work from. Then I sit down in my bright corner room and start cutting. 
What are your favourite tools of your trade?
A pair of tiny scissors and paper, brushes and watercolours, and toothpicks to apply glue. That's about it. There is so much happiness to be found in that simplicity.

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